Chapter Leadership

Chapter President: Charlotte Galasso
VP Operations: Caroline Kelly
VP Risk Management: Anoushka Aggarwal 
VP Member Experience: Caroline Sun
VP Finance and Housing: Elana Frank
VP Community Relations: Kaycee Arias
VP Recruitment: Sam Symons

VP Diversity and Inclusion: Anaisa Cespedes 

Director of Recruitment Events: Eileen Kelly
Director Membership Selection: Mia Federico
Director New Member Experience: Alison Landry
Assistant New Member Coordinators(2): Ellie Perlitz, Alexis Anderson
Director Lifelong Membership: Theodora Kouloglou
Director Service and Philanthropy: Rachel Zun
Director Policy and Prevention Education: Prameela Kottapalli
Director of Member Conduct: Sloane Hayashi
Director of Housing: Jessica Siguencia
Director Member Finances: Julia Lancia
Director of PR and Marketing: Jeren Konak
Director Academics: Sasha Miranda
Director Social Events: Ellie Perlitz

Directory Diversity and Inclusion: Hailey Choi

Director Fraternity Heritage: Kaitlyn Anderson

Arrow board: Isabelle Breedveld, Kaila Lingo

Athletics Chair: Taisa Strouse

Apparel Chair: Kaitlyn Anderson

Health and Wellness Chairs: Elana Frank, Rachel Zun

Sustainability Chair: Lexi Valachovic

Panhellenic Delegate: Eileen Kelly

Director of Leadership: Adina Mistry