About Our Chapter

What Are We Involved With On Campus?

Project Teams and Research Labs:
"I’m on the mold subteam on the concrete canoe project team. Each year we work to make a new canoe out of concrete to race at a competition in the spring!!" - Molly Ryan

“I am a member of the Early Childhood Cognition Lab. We look at how kids learn about their world. The study that I’m a part of looks at how kids’ perspective taking makes them perform better on tasks that are difficult for their age group.” - Lotta Borgers 


"I’ve been fencing since I was only 8 years old and it has shaped who I am today. The fencing team at Cornell has shown me great resilience, teamwork, and empathy that the sport brings. I love that there is such a supportive group of women in Pi Phi who also balance D1 athletics and academics, just like me! " - Sasha Abayeva

"I am on the varsity sailing team and recently placed 7th overall at the College Sailing Singlehanded National Championship 2022! " - Lauren Ehnot


"I’m currently captain of the equestrian team. It has been incredibly rewarding to compete with such talented and caring people, including my pi phi sister Annalisa!" - Sasha Miranda 


Professional Organizations:
"HEC is the largest Hotel School student body organization and hosts the largest annual Hotel School event: a 3-day, fully student-led business conference for 250+ hospitality industry professionals including world-class keynote speakers and Cornell alumni. As President of the club, my favorite part is getting to work with the students on their professional development and using our platform to partner with organizations looking to make a difference in our industry such as tourism nonprofits and travel sustainability companies bettering our community and planet." - Lillian Pinheiro

"I work on the Labor Action Tracker with the Workers Institute at the ILR School. Me and other undergrads and grad students research labor protests and strikes and upload them to an interactive map that the public can access and use." - Carla Gaveglia

Ski Team:
" I love skiing! Always down for a Greek Peak trip with pi phis!" - Kaila Lingo


"Growing up in Colorado, getting out in nature has always been important for me. I love to hike, ski, and mountain climb whenever I can!" - Sophia Watkins

On June 15, 1919, New York Delta was installed as a Greek Chapter on Cornell University Campus. 330 Triphammer Road has been home to thousands of women over the past 100 years, and our sisterhood has grown with it. At 125 girls in our chapter, Pi Beta Phi has become a remarkable group of young women on Cornell's campus. We are athletes, activists, engineers, hotelies, cheerleaders, engineers, singers, leaders in our Ithaca Community and much more! This past fall, our chapter celebrated our 100th on Cornell's campus with friends and alumnae.